Google Hangout with the students of @ACJIndia on Mojo

Last year I watched with interest as a project from ACJIndia (Asian College of Journalism) in collaboration with other journalism Universities in the UK and US created a “Pop Up” Newsroom where the students used a diverse range of multimedia tools and storytelling techniques to share stories that explored topics in their communities.

The newsroom effectively migrated across the globe as it followed daylight hours. I thought the idea was brilliant and I had a number of conversations with Priya Rajsekar, one of the course leads on the course at AJC. So when Priya approached me a few weeks ago to know would I be willing to do a Google Hangout with the students in advance of this years Pop Up newsroom project – I couldn’t possibly say no.

So here it is in all its gory details!

Here are some of the references I made during the session

@philipbromwell “King of Coffee” Mojo Story:

Here is the CheatSheet for the Story:

Mojo Interactive Apps List via Thinglink:

Mojo Gear Interactive images via Thinglink:

Android Fragmentation Report from

Heres the Storehouse Story I demoed with the iMovie Timeline:

Heres an article about the development of Mobile for Livestreaming from Broadcast Now: Broadcast Now (PDF)

A recent post I did about Google Glass and Immersive Stories: Google Cardboard may be the catalyst 3D Immersive Video + Gaming needs to go mainstream.

The “discreet” Lens I demoed is called HiLo. More info here:

Finally, here’s the “Social media Experiment” from Jack Vale I referenced:

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One Response to Google Hangout with the students of @ACJIndia on Mojo

  1. myazami says:

    Hi Glen

    You good?

    I think a link to the actually class is missing from this blog piece. Could be wrong though…has been known :).

    Anything on the VJ grapevine in terms of your courses or anything else I should take an interest in?

    I’m currently working with an activist group to enable them to keep there stake holders better informed through their field workers.



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