Using the Zoom H5 as external mixer for iOS and some other Zoom gear with potential for Mojo: iQ6, iQ7


I recently posted a blog about using the Roland Duo Capture EX (and some other mixers) as a Dual Microphone/Stereo Audio I/O device and mixer for iPad and iPhone. Ie use the Duo Capture EX to plug TWO microphones into your iPhone / iPad via Lightning. Read it here

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 18.51.12

I recently bought a Zoom H5 to use with my DSLR as a discreet audio capture device but I was interested to see if I could use it as a Dual Microphone I/O device via lightning also and sure enough it works! There is a mode in the menu on the Zoom  to activate it for USB use with iOS.


Go to MENU > USB > AUDIO INTERFACE > STEREO > iPAD and voila the STEREO output from the Zoom appears as the External Microphone input in FilMicPro.

Note it is important to connect the device to the iPhone/iPad via the lightning to USB adapter and to ACTIVATE the mode outlined above BEFORE you launch FilMiCPro.



This is great news for Radio Journos in particular as they probably already use something like the Zoom H4n for Radio Packaging. To the best of my knowledge the H4N DOES NOT support this function so an upgrade to the H5 or H6 will be required. However it means you can connect two mics to your iPhone or iPad  via the Zoom and record within Apps like FilMic Pro (which support Stereo in via lightning) the only surprise to me was that you CANNOT record locally to the SD card in the Zoom when this mode is enabled, which seems kinda nuts!.

Screenshot 2014-11-13 18.17.58Screenshot 2014-11-13 17.50.52

Zoom have also recently(ish) launched TWO new Stereo iOS Lightning mics called the iQ6  (RRP €100) and iQ7 and also an interesting Dual Microphone mixer TAC-2R (RRP €400) which uses Thunderbolt i/o for Macs. Strange they didn’t put USB in too! For more info click the images.



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9 Responses to Using the Zoom H5 as external mixer for iOS and some other Zoom gear with potential for Mojo: iQ6, iQ7

  1. Hugo Egger says:

    I recently bought a Roland ZOOM H6 in USA and trying to use now in Brazil. I put the batteries and switch it on. The menu does not appear. I have just a blank screen. Even holding the power button on waiting for the logo to apear.
    Can somebody help me?

  2. Joe says:

    Vj, I don’t believe it, I have been searching hi and low for a solution to improve my recordings for my you tube videos. I have made numerous postings such as this to try and find a solution.

    Is there anyway you can tell me if it works with the latest filmic version for ios9 ? As the audio options have changed. If so I will get myself the H5.

    Thanks for getting this post up 😉

    • vjmentor says:

      Hi Joe.

      I have yet to update my 6plus to iOS9 as I’ve read there is an issue with audio sync when recording video. So you’ll have to leave it with me for about a week before I can test it for you. The Zoom H5 & H6 both have an “iPad USB mode” in their menu. The cable is a USB Type 2 cable (I’m pretty sure it cane with the zoom) and the other end is the Apple USB-lightning adapter cable. Hit me up on twitter next week (@glenbmulcahy) as I’m invokved in a 5 day masterclass so will try to test for you.

  3. Joe says:

    Also what cable did you use to connect from H5 to iPhone ?

  4. Joe says:

    Thanks vj, I am not on Twitter so I will have to try you back here. Are you currently using the latest version of filmic with H5 ?

  5. Joe says:

    Hey vj, tweeted you to see if you might be able to help. I’m basically using a similar set up to yourself H5 in audio interface mode into iPhone. However I’m using external lav into input 1 and guitar into input 2, , unfortunately they are panned left and right respectively, when what I want is both inputs centre, so I don’t give myself work to do in post ?

    Any ideas.

  6. I connected the zoom to iphone 5(running 10.3.2) opened Filmic Pro and it was the selected mic . two seconds later I get”accessory not supported” message. Might be the adapter I suppose.

    • vjmentor says:

      This post is a bit old at this stage but you should/could try the newer lightning to usb with the lightning charger pass through. It allows you to supply power to drive the USB device if required. That said ZOOM were pushing the “ipad” mode so really curious/surprised its stopped working.

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