Guest Post: RTE’s Cian McCormack takes the Zoom H6 out for a real world Radio Reporter’s trial.


The Zoom H6 Field Recorder is a great, flexible all round radio recorder.

Recording quality is superb.

The additional interchangeable microphones (H6 Shotgun mic, mid-side mic, XY mic) offer fantastic flexibility for a wide range of recording situations.

For example, in the package attached, I was able to get interaction between Tubridy and Photographers with the Shotgun Mic without the ambient noise drowning out what I needed. Then I was able to switch microphone to do interviews with my interviewees. This was truly excellent.

The manual gain controls are a fantastic addition. It means quicker control – and less clicking noise  (as was the problem with the H4n, H4 AND H2)  – if levels need adjusting in an interview situation.

Multi channel functionality offers the ability to record ‘as-live segments’ without bringing a desk. That’s kinda handy. It’s always good to have a studio in your pocket.

Lines in are good.

For news feature  or feature packaging this offers good recording options. It is too much for doorstep reporter grabbing clips – they could use their iPhone. However, there is one MAJOR drawback.

Maybe it’s something I don’t understand, but I did search on line as to how I could import all my WAV files in one grab when I was bringing the raw material in to my PC to edit. Instead of being able to do this easily – as was with the case with the H4n and H2  – I was faced with the laborious task of opening a folder for every track I recorded.

In most cases, I could record up to 40 tracks (or more) for a package. Therefore, this adds an enormous amount of clicking and dragging. On the H4n, I just needed to open the folder in which my tracks were recorded on the Zoom and then drag the 40 recorded tracks simultaneously on to my PC.

With the H6, I faced 120 click and 40 drags. This is not workable for any reporter. If there is a solution I’d love to know. If Zoom resolved the H6 click and drag issue I’d be ordering this unit for myself and recommending it for high-end users in the newsroom.

Here is the report:

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