I was a little early, looks like 2015 will be the year of 360º Immersive Video Revolution.

In January I wrote a blog post expressing my hopes that 2014 would be the year that 360º immersive video would shift into the mainstream. Then in July I followed it up with a post about Google Cardboard and all the other Immersive headsets that were flooding onto the market and how the combination of 360º Video and High Resolution VR Headsets which track your head movement were effectively two sides of the Immersive Experience. In October I posted about the Kogeto Joey 360º camera and today I follow it up with a 360º Camera I somehow missed during the year but that looks like it will be the first I will get my hands on: V.360º from VSN Mobil. I’m super excited to try this out over Christmas- my Giroptic should arrive early in the new year so expect a “shoot out” blog post between them in the New Year.

VSN-V360-Thumb nexusae0_V360App-668x478 vsn-v.360-2

Heres the Specs on the camera which is on special offer $399 (exc sales tax)


In case you are not bothered to follow the links to previous posts above, these are some of the other 360 cameras I’ve been following, and in some cases have supported on crowd funding platforms


and these are some of the Immersive VR/AR headsets I’ve been following (or bought), I must add the Samsung Galaxy VR Headset and there are several others also.


If you have no idea of what I’m taking about or why I’m excited about 360º Video then I would ask you to visit

http://polarsea360.arte.tv documentary series from ARTE France.


This is an excellent demonstration of the potential of this 360º platform.

To experience just a flavour of its potential on mobile download their App for iOS. Or on your MC/PC visit their website

Screenshot 2014-11-30 16.17.27

Credit to Florian Reichart (@smartfilming) for highlighting The Polar Sea project.


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One Response to I was a little early, looks like 2015 will be the year of 360º Immersive Video Revolution.

  1. Ted Fabro says:

    This 360 news material was from 2012:


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