Unboxing and quick test with RodeLink Filmmakers kit

I just got my hands on the RodeLink Filmmakers kit and wanted to take it out for a quick field test. The RodeLink is different to most other wireless microphone solutions in that it uses Wifi frequencies instead of traditional UHF radio frequencies.

To begin I shot a quick unboxing video using Google Glass to show you the contents of the kit.

Then I decided to take the kit out to the front of the RTE building to do a rudimentary range test. There are at least 9 wifi networks in the area I tested the mics, two of which are campus wide with industrial grade routers supply a strong signal so its worth bearing that in mind while I do the test.

Until the launch of the RodeLink kit your radio mics options were most likely to be either the Sony UWP set or the Sennheiser Ew range. Both of which cost in the region of €800 for the set.

EG: Sennhesiser Evolution Wireless : €785 from CVP.com

Sennheiser-ew-112  UWP-V1_zm

However Sony have released a new version of the UWP Wireless (D11) set and it is just over half the price of its predecessor positioning it in direct competition with the RodeLink system and it too is digital. €500 from CVP.com


On the subject of microphones I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Sennheiser MKE ClipMic Digital and MKE Digital Lapel mics for iOS. These lapel microphones use an Apogee Digital preAmp which should position them as premium audio solutions for iOS Mojo. What remains to be seen is will Sennheiser make a USB version of these mics to work with Android devices like Samsung Galaxy phones and other high end smartphones.

ClipMic-3quarters SILVER-MKE-2-digital-3quarters-windscreen

Interestingly not long after the release of the Sennheiser solutions for iOS Shure, another premium audio device maker announced a new range of iOS compatible solutions also, including a direct competitor for the Sennheiser ones mentioned above.

One thing is for sure, with an ever expanding range of professional grade audio solutions being released targeted directly at mobile content production its the mobile journalists and mobile content creators who will reap the benefits.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 11.39.02

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