Unboxing 360Fly. The 360 Video and VR Revolution gains momentum

For the last two years I’ve been posting occasionally about 360º Immersive Video and VR. Last Christmas I bought a VSN 360 Camera. It was one of the first consumer grade/ GoPro price 360 cameras available.


I also backed Giroptic in Kickstarter and subsequently preordered a 360Fly camera also.giroptic nexusae0_V360App-668x478

Last week at the WebSummit I finally got some hands on with the Giroptic Camera and I’m really looking forward to (finally) getting my hands on my own. Today the 360Fly camera arrived. I shot a quick unboxing video to explore what you get for $399

The 360Fly I bought came with a custom “Cardboard” viewer – which was a pleasant surprise!


I’m looking forward to doing a “360 shootout” with these three consumer cameras once I have them all!


I also hope to get my hands on the Freedom360 GoPro cage and some stitching software so I can do a real comprising with an entry level “Pro” solution and these (much cheaper) consumer solutions. Since I last blogged about 360/VR a few interesting things have happened:

  1. YouTube now supports 360 Video via the Chrome Browser on Desktop or via their Android and iOS YOuTube Apps.
  2. BBC has been doing some really incredible 360 videos. Check out this playlist from BBC News: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLS3XGZxi7cBXqnRTtKMU7Anm-R-kyhkyC
  3. The New York Times partnered with (in my opinion) leading VR production Studio, Chris Milk’s VRSE to create a second 360 Immersive Video. The REALLY exciting thing they’ve done though is to also partner with Google Cardboard to enable them to give away 1MILLION cardbards to their subscribers. This has prompted a lot of posts about being a milestone in the evolution of 360 Video/VR on its road to ubiquity.WebSummit
  4. Last week at WebSummit I got to try out what will be the Public (Final) version of Oculus Rift with its hand controllers and I have to say it was the highlight of the conference for me. I joked to the Facebook operations manager that its obvious now: “You’re ultimate goal is to put a HoloDeck in everyone’s home” I have to say the experience was mind-blowing.


  5. I am still amazed and bewildered that GoPro have not released their own single camera 360 solution but as someone pointed put to me – Why would they? Right now they can sell 5, 6 or 16 GoPro Heros for a VR solution, why would they cannibalise that market with a single camera solution? Well I think they could get pipped by something like the Ricoh ThetaS which I also got to play with at WebSummit.
  6. Finally Over 6 months ago I emailed a few Brushless Gimbal makers with a photoshop mockup of a remote control platform that could carry a 360Camera and keep is stable. I didn’t receive one single reply or acknowledgement – no surprise there! But again at web summit I was tipped off to these guys by fellow Mojo trainer Mark Egan: http://www.motion-impossible.com and this is EXACTLY what they’ve done!! (Apologies for Video Quality!)

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One Response to Unboxing 360Fly. The 360 Video and VR Revolution gains momentum

  1. GoPro also bought Kolor the French stitching software company so multi camera turn key solution could be on the cards too.
    Had the Bublcam 360 cam off Kickstarter too, absolutely rubbish quality – very disappointing.
    20156 should be the year it goes nuts with the final release of the Oculus device – exciting times

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