Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom – Half-Camera, Half-Smartphone – Could it be the tipping point for MoJo on Android? via @engadget



Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is Half-Camera, Half-Smartphone. David McClelland did a great review of the original Samsung Galaxy Camera last December. The thing I was quite surprised about at the time was that you could not use the zoom control while shooting video! Well today Samsung have taken a second stab at the digitalcamera/smartphone hybrid with the announcement of Galaxy S4 ZOOM. Fingers crossed I will be able to get access to a demo unit once it starts shipping, but the key question for me (for a second time) is can this Android powered camera with a massive 10X optical zoom dominate the iPhone5 (or soon to be released 5s) for Mobile Journalism?

For that answer we shall have to wait but in the interim head over to Engadget and/or Mashable for a preview and to read the full press release.

DSLR News Shooter | HandiZoom motorised zoom controller tranforms DSLRs into ENG style machines

DSLR News Shooter | HandiZoom motorised zoom controller tranforms DSLRs into ENG style machines.Dan Chung, editor of has a great post about a Zoom Controller that can be mounted on a Canon DSLR /Lens combo and uses an ENG style rocker switch to drive the zoom. In a world where news crews, video journalists and MoJos are aware of the aesthetic values of a DSLR with a fast lens this might prove to be the bridge between DSLR photography/videography and ENG style news gathering. I think it looks impressive and would love to get my hands on one to try out. If Im lucky enough I’ll let you know what I think. In the meantime head over to to read Dans full review….

Nexto DI – Next Generation Portable Storage with Digital Interfaces: CF, SD and SXS

Nexto DI – Next Generation Storage with Digital Interface.

I think this is a very clever device. It is basically a portable Harddrive but with a good selection of IO options. On the input side theres a Compact Flash slot, and SD/SDHC slot and an Express Card/SXS slot which basically means when you are out on location on a long shoot you can dump cards onto the NEXTO DI and then reformat them for reuse in your camera. With the input selection available this will support Sony EX series cameras, Canon Nikon DLSRs etc etc. On the output side theres Firewire 800, eSata and usb. You can review clips on the screen and the menus are clear and easy to read.

The device is rechargeable and is capable of replicating a backup onto two external drives simultaneously (once they are different connectors Firewire 800, eSata and usb) It has built in drop detection to protect the HardDrive in the event of a fall. The pricepoint is around €1500 -might seem expensive in terms of CF/SD cards but two 32Gb SXS cards will cost that if not more- and this baby had a 750Gb HDD on board.

Photo Editing Apps For iPad: iPad/iPhone Apps AppList


Photo Editing Apps For iPad: iPad/iPhone Apps AppList
. This is a really good list of photo editing apps for iPhone/iPad from AppAdvice. My personal favourites are Photoshop touch, Filterstorm Pro, PhotoGene, Snapseed and PhotoForge2 – all excellent photo manipulation Apps.

DSLR News Shooter | Size matters: Sky News Beijing bureau cameraman Andy Portch reports on a year with the Panasonic AF101 and GH2 cameras.

This is a brilliant article from DSLR News about Andy Portch – a senior Sky News cameraman and how he uses the Panasonic Af101 and GH2 cameras for news aquisition. DSLR run and gun shooters: this is a MUST READ!

Andy Portch via DSLR News Shooter | Size matters: Sky News Beijing bureau cameraman Andy Portch reports on a year with the Panasonic AF101 and GH2 cameras..

DSLR Filmmaker Toolkit for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store






DSLR Filmmaker Toolkit for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App StoreThe DSLR Filmmaker Toolkit is a collection of useful utilities designed for the modern filmmaker, contained in one app. The toolkit contains:

✔ Displays standard slate information, as well as settings specific to DSLR cameras
✔ Shot logging
✔ Automatic take incrementation
✔ High/low contrast display modes
✔ “Data Burst” displays all your slate information sequentially in a big, bold display, to ensure it is always readable, followed by an audible ‘beep” and visual flash, for audio synching.
✔ Coming soon – Rate and make notes on your takes

✔ Shots are automatically logged when the slate is activated
✔ Displays detailed data about every shot
✔ Handles multiple productions at the same time
✔ Export your log with one button press – you’ll be emailed your shot log instantly
✔ Coming soon – Export to .rtf and .xls formats

✔ Designed to simulate the framing of your DSLR camera
✔ Choose from a huge list of available cameras
✔ Zoom through any focal length from 35mm to 400mm. (35mm is the widest due to limitations of the iPhone camera, although this will be addressed in an update coming soon)
✔ “Snapshot” an image you want to save. Your image will be saved, complete with the settings used.
✔ Location data saved with snapshots – remember where, when and what settings you used. Perfect for location scouting

✔ Choose from a huge list of available cameras
✔ D.O.F data is displayed instantly as you change the controls
✔ Metric/imperial units both supported

✔ Displays sunrise/sunset times for your current location and time of year
✔ Includes twilight hours – sunset doesn’t always mean there’s no light…
✔ Never run out of daylight unexpectedly again

✔ Works across 2 axes
✔ Perfect for ensuring your tripod/dolly/crane is level

CineStyle, Picture Style (profile) for Canon DSLRs- Technicolor

CineStyle, Digital Printer Lights, Filmmaking – Technicolor. Technicolour have released a picture profile for Canon DSLRS to optimise the dynamic range and enhance the “cinematic” effect of shooting video with your Canon EOS. More info from Fresh DV

Blog Of The Week – There are some great articles on the FilmmakerIQ website. The one that attracted me to it was the 10-part-tutorial-covering-the-basics-of-dslr-video. 10 clips harvested or created on Vimeo that explain all the basics of DSLR photography and filmaking. Great resource.

Nikon D5100 announcement | Nikon Rumors

Nikon D5100 announcement | Nikon Rumors. Coming hot on the heels of the announcement from Nikon that they are introducing a new HDSLR model, the D5100 they now announce the release of a purpose built uni-direction microphone – the ME-1. Now lets see of they can go one better than Canon and include “Magic Lantern” type audio monitoring and controls as standard….

Shooting for VJ Movement with a DSLR | VJ Movement

Guest Post: Shooting for VJ Movement with a DSLR | VJ Movement. Good article on website shooting video with a DSLR. Adam Westbrook recounts his experience, trials and errors on the path to successfully using DSLR for  Video Journalism.