Shoulderpod Universal Smartphone Adapter/Tripod Holder Unboxing and Review


I noticed Shoulderpod on Twitter probably a year ago and I’ve been looking forward to getting my hands on one since. In the last few days (10-12th June) they have finally started shipping their S1 Universal Smartphone Tripod Adapter and I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on one. So here is a quick unboxing video and initial impressions

I’ve tested A LOT of smartphone accessories over the last three years teaching MOJO and until recently I had the Joby GripTight as my recommended Universal Tripod Adapter.

I have to credit the team of journalists who travelled over to Dublin recently from NRK Norway for MOJO training for convincing me the Joby was a great solution.


The positives are its small size-particularly folded flat HOWEVER the negatives….



This particular Grip Tight was only used FOUR TIMES and the plastic mount snapped. Now I did Tweet @Joby about this and to give them credit they replied quickly and offered a replacement…

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 13.08.39


However, if you are an iPhone owner then you know exactly how fragile the iPhone is, a tripod adapter failing like the GripTight above is not a big issue (it costs about €25) BUT to replace a smashed screen is €150 which makes it a VERY EXPENSIVE accident. All this brings me back to the SHOULDERPOD.


It really does feel like a robust, quality build. I would feel a lot more confident using it on a tripod or other clamp than the Joby and the great news is the entire S1 kit you see in the video above is available for a special limited introduction price of €24.95 on the Shoulderpod website right now but be warned offer ends TODAY. From tomorrow it will be the RRP of €29.95. Still excellent value.


If I was asked is there ANY room for improvement I would have only one tiny suggestion: put a tripod mount in the top screw also. This would mean I could double mount suction clamps if using it in risky situations OR I could use an adapter like the Manfrotto 143S  Flash Shoe 1/4 Male Attachment to mount a microphone or light on Top of the holder! 


Olloclip, makers of the popular 3-in1 lens introduce Quick-Flip™ Case – via @olloclip

Quick-Flip Case – olloclip.


If you have even just a vague interest in iPhoneography or iPhone Video then you will undoubtedly have heard of the Olloclip – a clever 3-in-1 lens system that features a Wide Angle Lens, Macro lens and Fisheye lens. I wrote about it previously when I discovered that it could be used with the Fostex AR4i.

Now the clever team behind Olloclip have previewed a new product: the Olloclip Quick-Flip™ Case. Its a case that protects your iPhone (4/4s and 5 versions available) and yet allows you to use your olloclip without removing the case. You can add the Pro-Photo Adapter to give your case horizontal and vertical tripod mounts as well as a cold shoe slot for a light or microphone. One feature I think looks quite clever is that when you flip the lens cover open it then acts as a shutter release button (for apps that use the volume + button as a trigger. I haven’t tried the case as its not actually shipping yet – its only available for preorder but it certinainly looks the part. Expected retail $49.99 ex shipping etc. Click here to visit the Olloclip webstore

Sorry about the product shot from their website but there are no PR shots online as yet.