MoJoConIrl – the 1st Conference dedicated to Mobile Journalism, smartphone filmmaking and iPhoneography


Over the last three years I’ve been continually amazed at the initial reaction of mojo trainees to the potential of smartphones, particularly iPhones as content creation devices.

I’ve been even more impressed with the quality of the stories produced by trainees after their courses and their continuing dedication to push the boundaries in what can be achieved with a smartphone and some cheap accessories and also to the work that some of the pioneers in this space like Sky News, BBC and NRK have achieved.

Last month I started to ask people I know and respect in the mojo world would they be interested in participating or contributing to a conference on mobile journalism, Mobile FilmMaking and iPhoneography.
I was awed at the response with 95% of the people I asked not only pledging their willingness to participate but also to help in spreading the word.

Once I realised how many people were supportive I immediately started looking at dates, venues and logistics and I drafted a proposal for the executive here in RTE.

Now that the project is scoped and with all the core stakeholders consulted, I’ve realised it will take more time to pull together than I had first anticipated but to be honest I want to do this right and make it the best it can possibly be.

So I’m going to reschedule the conference for March 2015, this timeframe will pave the way for making the event even better than I had first hoped.

But as a teaser to whet your appetite…here’s what I’m working on:

Day One. Plenary sessions/Panel discussions on the following topics…

Session One:      “Mobile Journalism: Technology in Broadcast – where to next?”
Session Two:      “Story. Exploring the diversity of multimedia storytelling with and for mobile”
Session Three:   “Smartphone FilmMaking: Award Wining Creators share their experience”
Session Four:     “Create, Curate, Verify: UGC, building communities and the process of validation and authentication” 
Session Five:      “The Multimedia Mojo – working across Radio, Print and Online case studies”
Session Six:        “Code:R-Mojo Educ8: App Development and education for Generation Y”

There will be plenty of opportunities for networking in the evening and there is some discussion about an iPhoneography walkabout session also.

Day Two: Workshops and Masterclasses

Masterclass: iPhone FilmMaking – learn from internationally awarded Filmmakers

Workshop: Social Storytelling – New Platforms for publishing and creating a community

Masterclass: iPhoneography: Shoot Epic images with your smartphone

Workshop: The RTE Mojo Project – From Shoot to Edit to Publish. A step by step workshop.

Conference Dinner (Optional)

I’m also hoping to attract a decent group of the hardware makers and resellers to set up stalls at the event with the idea that they not only demonstrate their gear but sell it as a special reduced conference price!
There will be rapid fire pitch rounds for App developers to pitch their Apps to the audience also.

This means that delegates will have the option to come to the conference, learn from industry leaders, buy their chosen mojo kit, do a top class training workshop and leave with all the skills AND gear they need to get started on their mojo journey.

If you are a hardware manufacturer or reseller who is interested in taking part then DM me on Twitter @glenbmulcahy for more info.

I haven’t completed the math on ticket prices yet but as soon as the date is officially confirmed I will post an update here with ticket prices and a lottery for some free tickets for you (blog readers)!

Im working on the event website now but in the meantime follow @mojoconirl for updates and if you have some suggestions or feedback please do get in touch.




I’ve plotted a ZeeMap with Mojo Practitioners, Trainers and courses around the globe. Check it out…#mojomap

I've plotted a ZeeMap with Mojo Practitioners, Trainers and courses. Check it out

I’ve wanted to do this for quite some time and I’ve been looking for a solution to do it. Originally I wanted to be able to create a twitter list and then get a coder to design a script to export the account info and geo-location info into a KML file for Google Maps. That seemed to be an issue as its an expensive way of producing it ( I have no patience for coding) so I stumbled upon ZeeMaps and it has most (not all) of the features I was looking for. Click the image above to go to the interactive version. If I’ve forgotten someone (apologies) or if you would like to be added drop me a DM on twitter @glenbmulcahy

***The Map is not optimized for mobile browsers so best viewed on a PC/MAC***

Is this the biggest thing to happen to mobile photography/video in years? Sony DSC-QX10 and DSC-QX100 lens-cameras! | via sonyalpharumors

(SR5) Hot! First images of the new DSC-QX10 and DSC-QX100 lens-cameras! | sonyalpharumors.

UPDATE: Im reliably informed that the mount for the lens in NOT MAGNETIC but rather connects via retractable clips into custom mounts for different handsets.

Is this the biggest thing to happen to iPhoneography and iPhone Video in a long time? had this story in early August but it was, as such, a rumour – but if the latest updates are genuine it appears Sony are about to launch 2 discreet mobile lenses which will attach to smartphones magnetically, be controlled by a dedicated App on the mobile device and record internally in the lens to microSD. The communication with the mobile is either WiFi or Bluetooth and the spec on the lenses is pretty damn impressive:

This is a quote from the SonyAlphaRumours post:

Sony will soon launch two “lens-cameras”:
1) One is the “Lens-camera” with RX100MII sensor and Zeiss lens ($600 here on Amazon). On the pictures it is the bigger lens. As you know the RX100 is the most praised high end compact camera and features a large 1 inch sensor which is the same used by the Nikon 1 system. Now you can have that kind of Image Quality on your iPhone or Android Smartphone!

2) The second model will feature a 10xzoom lens with 1/2,3 inch 18 megapixel CMOS sensor (the image with the f/3,3-5.9 lens). It’s basically the same sensor and lens of the Sony WX150 ($400 on Amazon).

Click here to read the full article and see more images


According to the latest article I’ve read the lenses will also be released in a gold/champagne/white form to match the now widely rumoured gold iPhone 5s due for release at an Apple Event on September 10th. The Sony product launch for these lenses is due tomorrow at an event in NewYork.


The timing is very interesting given the pre-release yesterday of the ACER Liquid S2 which packs a 4K image sensor into it (via the Snapdragon800 chipset) and the impending release of the Samusng Galaxy Note III which is also rumoured to have a 4K Snapdragon chip and is due to be previewed tomorrow and demonstrated at IFA Berlin on Friday 6th September. This launch is also likely to preview the Samsung SmartWatch which again is aimed squarely at the long-rumoured Apple iWatch. Its going to be a very interesting week ahead!

Olloclip hit the market with a Telephoto and polariser lens combo via @olloclip

Recently I blogged about OlloClip releasing a companion App for their hugely popular 3in1 lens system for iPhone. Now they have gone even one step further with the introduction of a 2x Zoom Lens and a Very nice adjustable Polariser filter. 



The 2 in 1 lens is retailing on the OlloClip website for $99. Mine arrived in the post yesterday and the first thing that struck me was that the build quality was very good. Im going to take it out over the weekend and take some shots with it and if they are worth posting here as examples Ill pu them up over the weekend. In the interim though there are some nice examples on the OlloClip Website

I wonder does Patrick O’Neill and his team have any interesting iPad mini accessories in the pipeline? Hmmmm

Issues with the Rode iXY while recording Video via RockyBiasi


“Rocky” left a comment on my post about the Rode iXY microphone for iOS. He asked if he was doing something wrong with the iXY as he wasn’t able to record audio while shooting video if the iXY was connected to his iPhone 4s. I was somewhat intrigued…I hadn’t tested the iXY while shooting video, to be honest (as I asked Rocky) why would you…the XY config mic is in effect sitting at a 90degree right angle to the camera so I assume the audio will be less than ideal (even if it was working) however I still decided to do a few tests to see if I could spot an issue/find a solution.

Its raised some very interesting observations actually…
1. Rocky is 99% correct, if you connect the iXY to the iPhone 4s and shoot video with the Native Camera App the audio level is unusably low (not non-existent)

2. I tested the iXY with the Rode Rec App and its working perfectly, I also downloaded the FREE Rode Rec LE App as it has a Firmware update which I applied to the iXY and tested again but the result was the same.

3. I then tried using the iXY with the latest version of FiLMiCPro v3.3 but had the same issue as with the native camera App – Audio very low

4. Next I tested the iXY using FilMic Classic heres the result:

By the way I have to apologise for the shoddy, handheld, low light camerawork, but it is 2am here in Ireland and Im more than just a little knackered! :/

One tip, Make sure you enable the iPhone speaker when playing back the recorded clips. [Double tap home button, scroll left and tap the AirPlay symbol if it shows beside the volume slider – select iPhone Speaker if it in the list, if its not then it should be automatically selected.]

Im sure the guys from Cinegenix (who are the developers of FilMicPro) could shed more light on this if asked! Anyway Rocky, to answer your question: if you want to use the iXY to record audio on your video clips then FilMic Classic seems to be the solution.

Olloclip – makers of the famous 3-In-One iPhone Photo Lens release a free companion App | via @olloclip

  Photo 28-05-2013 12 29 17

olloclip 3-In-One iPhone Photo Lens. I recently posted a blog about Olloclip and their new olloclip Quick-Flip Case. Well Patrick O’Neill, founder and CEO and the clever team at olloclip have also been busy developing a companion App – also called Olloclip.

The App is free and features:

A CAMERA with three functions Normal, Macro and Video modes.

I was surprised to see that the option of the Exposure control and focus control which can be turned on and controlled separately in either photomode  was not an option in Video mode. Also there is no way ( I could see) to lock the focus/exposure once set. Maybe that will come in the next version of the app.

Photo 28-05-2013 12 34 04

Note: When you switch to video mode the camera starts to auto-record – this is something that should be an option in the settings menu and not the default – in my opinion. But I like the fact that one of the settings in ALLOW VERTICAL VIDEO! Yeah no more VVS!

Photo 28-05-2013 12 34 13

The Macro photography mode also has a LOUPE mode which zooms in on the image by a preset amount (2x / 2.5x / 3x)

Photo 28-05-2013 12 29 43 Photo 28-05-2013 12 30 57

MESH EDITOR MODE- gives you the ability to load images from your camera roll that were shot using an olloclip and correct the barrel distortion effects created by the wide angle or macro lenses.

If you are not familiar with olloclip check out this video:

Olloclip, makers of the popular 3-in1 lens introduce Quick-Flip™ Case – via @olloclip

Quick-Flip Case – olloclip.


If you have even just a vague interest in iPhoneography or iPhone Video then you will undoubtedly have heard of the Olloclip – a clever 3-in-1 lens system that features a Wide Angle Lens, Macro lens and Fisheye lens. I wrote about it previously when I discovered that it could be used with the Fostex AR4i.

Now the clever team behind Olloclip have previewed a new product: the Olloclip Quick-Flip™ Case. Its a case that protects your iPhone (4/4s and 5 versions available) and yet allows you to use your olloclip without removing the case. You can add the Pro-Photo Adapter to give your case horizontal and vertical tripod mounts as well as a cold shoe slot for a light or microphone. One feature I think looks quite clever is that when you flip the lens cover open it then acts as a shutter release button (for apps that use the volume + button as a trigger. I haven’t tried the case as its not actually shipping yet – its only available for preorder but it certinainly looks the part. Expected retail $49.99 ex shipping etc. Click here to visit the Olloclip webstore

Sorry about the product shot from their website but there are no PR shots online as yet.

Byanymeans-ifilm shot entirely on iPhone | Dan Czerwonka, Producer


ActionLifeMedia the makers of the MCam –  iPhone holder/lens grip had an interesting link to this film on their website: its called By Any Means and it is yet another iPhone shot, short film which looks like its going to do the rounds on the iPhone Film Festival circuit. What cracks me up about this one is that Dan Czerwonka, the films producer mentions on the site that they decided to shoot the whole movie on an iPhone 4s but they then decided to shoot the entire Behind the Scenes production film on a RED EPIC! The irony is killing me…Maybe the guys giving out about Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout 2012had a point after all! Im looking forward to seeing the finished product – they sure used a LOT of great accessories and the website is very informative. You can follow Dan Czerwonka on twitter @furiouswind

Exciting news: Fostex introduces new AR101 iPhone Audio interface with cold shoe mount

Fostex introduces new AR101 at InterBEE Japan – Fostex News.

The very clever folks at Fostex have just shown a prototype for a new version of their fostex audio adapter for iPhone. This new AR101 uses a cold shoe mount so it can be used with pretty much any iPhone holder including Owle, Phocus, MCam. I note from the photography that it is using the 30pin iPhone adapter which suggests its been built for the 4/4s and not the 5 – hopefully a lightning version is in the pipeline. More info coming to their website soon

iPhone Add-On Lens comparison: iPhonelinser Vs OlloClip

You probably know I got very excited when the Olloclip appeared on Kickstarter way back when, mainly because I knew it would be compatible with the Fostex Ar4i. It has been on every shoot Ive done and I really like how simple yet robust it is, however I need a zoom…..

Ill be in Malmo Sweden in May to talk about mobile journalism at the Circom Annual conference. I mentioned this on and in response I got a message from Henrik Samuelsson who owns Henrik just happens to be based in Malmo and he wanted me to see his lens kit. The iPhonelinser (website will be in english soon he tells me) has the three same functions as the OlloClip but has the option of an additional 2X Zoom lens also. I took the two lens systems out for a quick field trial and I have to say the two were pretty much exactly the same. The 2x lens on the iphonelinser though is a real advantage and I have to say it will definately feature in my shoot kit from now on.

One important note though: Unlike the Olloclip which has a hard moulded clip to hold the lens in place the iPhonelinser uses a small magnetic ring with an adhesive back which mounts on your iphone.

Maybe my iPHone wasnt 100% clean but I found the ring slipped several times when changing lenses- which became tedious after a time but Im sure I could get better adhesion if I left it sit overnight on a clean glass back. The iPhonelinser is available for 499 Swedish Kroner = €56 ex P&P which is only slightly more expensive than the OlloOclip $69.99 = €52.81 ex P&P.  Heres the results…


I used a combination of the Fostex AR4i (bottom) and a GLIF (top) with a hotshoe adapter to do the test.


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