Fostex Ar4i test with Apple Lightning to 30pin dock adapter and iPhone5

Ive been waiting to test the iPhone5 with the Apple Lightning to 30pin dock adapter and the Fostex Ar4i – just to see will the electronics work. Well I got the chance to put the kit together this morning and on first look it appears to work, the sound was quite hissy, but as Im down with a serious case of man-flu I cant discount the fact that my voice sounds like Im on whiskey and smokes so the additional gain might account for the hiss. OK – it goes without saying that the form-factor of the iPhone5 is different to the 4/4s so it doesn’t “snug” fit the cradle but if this test is correct then it means that Fostex might only have to adapt the cradle and build in an extended base for iPhone 5 compatibility – this is bearing in mind that Fostex hope to have the  recently announced Ar101 on the market early in the new year.

What remains to be seen is will the Ar101 work with the lighting adapter too….