Issues with the Rode iXY while recording Video via RockyBiasi


“Rocky” left a comment on my post about the Rode iXY microphone for iOS. He asked if he was doing something wrong with the iXY as he wasn’t able to record audio while shooting video if the iXY was connected to his iPhone 4s. I was somewhat intrigued…I hadn’t tested the iXY while shooting video, to be honest (as I asked Rocky) why would you…the XY config mic is in effect sitting at a 90degree right angle to the camera so I assume the audio will be less than ideal (even if it was working) however I still decided to do a few tests to see if I could spot an issue/find a solution.

Its raised some very interesting observations actually…
1. Rocky is 99% correct, if you connect the iXY to the iPhone 4s and shoot video with the Native Camera App the audio level is unusably low (not non-existent)

2. I tested the iXY with the Rode Rec App and its working perfectly, I also downloaded the FREE Rode Rec LE App as it has a Firmware update which I applied to the iXY and tested again but the result was the same.

3. I then tried using the iXY with the latest version of FiLMiCPro v3.3 but had the same issue as with the native camera App – Audio very low

4. Next I tested the iXY using FilMic Classic heres the result:

By the way I have to apologise for the shoddy, handheld, low light camerawork, but it is 2am here in Ireland and Im more than just a little knackered! :/

One tip, Make sure you enable the iPhone speaker when playing back the recorded clips. [Double tap home button, scroll left and tap the AirPlay symbol if it shows beside the volume slider – select iPhone Speaker if it in the list, if its not then it should be automatically selected.]

Im sure the guys from Cinegenix (who are the developers of FilMicPro) could shed more light on this if asked! Anyway Rocky, to answer your question: if you want to use the iXY to record audio on your video clips then FilMic Classic seems to be the solution.


UPDATE! RØDE iXY Stereo Microphone for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch @rodemics

UPDATE: So today I took the Rode iXY and the Tascam iM2 and iM2X into one of our radio voiceover booths to record some samples. This is not a scientific experiment by any means but if you can excuse the occasional audio pop ( I had no pop-shields for the Tascam devices so didnt use the one that comes with the iXY either)  it is as fair a comparison as I can make under relatively controlled circumstances.

Here are the details: I used the Rode Rec App for ALL RECORDINGS and the sample rate was a constant 44000Hz with the exception of the last (as stated at 96KHz)

I tried to keep the phone in the same position and the same distance from my mouth for all these recordings- as shown. The iPhone was switched to Airplane mode to avoid any interference. Gain (within the Rode App was constant accross all mics except for the iPhone internal which I state in the recording, however both Tascams have an audio dial on the device itself, I tried to set these both around 75%- 80%.)

Photo 03-04-2013 11 40 51

Photo 03-04-2013 11 33 39 Photo 03-04-2013 11 37 20

What do you think? Comments welcome.

Final point the Rode iXY retails for around €179 which includes a protective case, and windscreen. The Tascam Im2 retails at around €75  and the iM2X at around  €77 with no additional accessories included.

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RØDE iXY Stereo Microphone for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch.

I previously blogged about the Rode iXY after it was announced at CES and have been waiting to get my hands on one since. Last week I was at the #roodagen conference in the Netherlands delivering a presentation on Mobile Journalism with Karol Cioma from Circom Regional. I had included the iXY in the presentation and mentioned that I was waiting to get one and a member of the audience said he had ordered one direct from Rode and had it with him if I wanted to see it.

So at the end of the presentation, as is now customary, I invited the audience up to see and play with all the accessories I have amassed for use with the iPhone and iPad, and I finally got my hands on the iXY.

Photo 13-03-2013 13 14 35 (1)

Photo 13-03-2013 14 14 09 (1)

First impressions:

To begin with can I say I have several Rode Mics and have always been impressed with the build quality (with the sole exception being the fidgety battery cover on the VideoMicPro). Anyway the initial product images certainly made it look impressive but until I held it in my hand I really couldn’t appreciate the absolutely beautiful build quality.

I have tested lots, and I mean LOTS,  of iPhone audio accessories, Tascam, IKMultimedia, Fostex, etc etc but I have never picked up a product and immediatley went – Oh Damn this feels good – not until the iXY. The brushed aluminium is beautifully finished, the weight suggests a quality product and the clever accessories (Windshield and Pocketpack) are all of really great quality.

Photo 13-03-2013 12 07 04 (1)

I downloaded the Rode Rec App (€5.49 on the App store) only to realise it is in fact a customised version of the Fire2 App from Audiofile (which by the way is the same price on the App Store).

I should point out that there is also a free version of the Rode Rec App (which has some limitations imposed that can be removed via an in-App purchase). Im familiar with FiRe 2 because Audifile had previously licensed a limited version of the App to Blue Microphones under the App name BlueFire which was Free. We had used this in RTE in the early stages of our MoJo project to record simple audio clips and FTP them back to base. This was before we opted for LuciLive as our Radio solution for iOS.

Ive ordered a RODE iXY from Thomann (€179) as they are showing in stock. The price tag is steep by comparison to some other plug-in audio accessories like the Tascam iM2x ( RRP €77) but again you simply cannot compare the two devices as the plastic build of the Tascam simply cannot compete.

Once the iXY arrives Ill take it in to one of our audio booths and do a test recording with the App which very cleverly will allow me to post directly to SoundCloud, Dropbox, FTP, iTunes sharing or Email. Ill update the post then. For more info click the image or link at the top of the post or visit