Is Apple’s New iPod Touch the best budget #mojo device?

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We’re recently bought a couple of Apple’s latest iteration of the iPod touch. I’ve been testing it for the last few days and I have to say – this really is a great budget #mojo solution.

I’ve tested our preferred video App: FilMiCPro on it and it works fine with only one little bug* which is in full manual focus mode, when you slide the control bar on the left to set a focus point the iPod Touch Autofocus overrides it. But that may well be something that the FilMiC team can sort out. 1080 25p works perfectly. The camera is the same 8MP iSight as used in the iPhone 5 (which was pretty damn good) though aperture is f2.4 whereas 5s/6/6plus all have f2.2.

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If you buy the new iPod Touch you get iMovie free (as well as a selection of other Apple Apps) and the great news is Audio In via lightning works perfectly too. I tested the Sennheiser ClipMic Digital and the iKMultimedia iRig Pro with the AKG 417pp Lav mic.

Speaking of the Sennheiser ClipMic Digital I found it for under €200 on the Thomann website thats the cheapest price I’ve seen anywhere (so far).

When you think about the inspired project that BBC’s Nick Garnett initiated with Dr. Alex Kumar during the Ebola crisis, where, with a previous generation iPod touch, Dr. Kumar shot first person iWitness content on the ground at one of the Ebola Treatment centres and it auto transferred back to BBC via Dropbox whenever the iPod was connected to WiFi.

Click image to view report:

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it suggests to me that the iPod touch may well be the perfect solution for Hyperlocal content creation or NGO projects. Remember you can pair the iPod to any smartphone via WiFi tethering to allow it to livestream and transfer so you are not restricted to just fixed wifi spots for connectivity either. If you go for the 128Gb version of the new iPod Touch it is less than half the price (€469 in the Irish Apple Store) of the 6plus 128Gb (€999) version – thats one hell of a saving!

So with all that in mind here is my latest #budgetmojo solution. (it links to an interactive Thinglink image)



Shoulderpod Universal Smartphone Adapter/Tripod Holder Unboxing and Review


I noticed Shoulderpod on Twitter probably a year ago and I’ve been looking forward to getting my hands on one since. In the last few days (10-12th June) they have finally started shipping their S1 Universal Smartphone Tripod Adapter and I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on one. So here is a quick unboxing video and initial impressions

I’ve tested A LOT of smartphone accessories over the last three years teaching MOJO and until recently I had the Joby GripTight as my recommended Universal Tripod Adapter.

I have to credit the team of journalists who travelled over to Dublin recently from NRK Norway for MOJO training for convincing me the Joby was a great solution.


The positives are its small size-particularly folded flat HOWEVER the negatives….



This particular Grip Tight was only used FOUR TIMES and the plastic mount snapped. Now I did Tweet @Joby about this and to give them credit they replied quickly and offered a replacement…

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 13.08.39


However, if you are an iPhone owner then you know exactly how fragile the iPhone is, a tripod adapter failing like the GripTight above is not a big issue (it costs about €25) BUT to replace a smashed screen is €150 which makes it a VERY EXPENSIVE accident. All this brings me back to the SHOULDERPOD.


It really does feel like a robust, quality build. I would feel a lot more confident using it on a tripod or other clamp than the Joby and the great news is the entire S1 kit you see in the video above is available for a special limited introduction price of €24.95 on the Shoulderpod website right now but be warned offer ends TODAY. From tomorrow it will be the RRP of €29.95. Still excellent value.


If I was asked is there ANY room for improvement I would have only one tiny suggestion: put a tripod mount in the top screw also. This would mean I could double mount suction clamps if using it in risky situations OR I could use an adapter like the Manfrotto 143S  Flash Shoe 1/4 Male Attachment to mount a microphone or light on Top of the holder!