Rode Smartlav (original) Versus New Rode Smartlav+ Recording booth comparison


When Rode microphones originally announced the SmartLav in early 2013 I posted a blog about it as I was really excited and I believed it could be a huge step in the evolution of “budget” mobile journalism. During a mojo course in Budapest myself and John Inge Johansen from NRK tested it with FilMicPro but we discovered the main issue is the absence of audio gain in the App. (I subsequently discovered that MoviePro had added in App audio gain)


A number of weeks ago Rode announced an update called the SmartLav+ and certainly everything I’ve read suggests the audio fidelity is definitely higher in the the new capsule so today I took the SmartLav+ and the original smartly into one of our soundproof audio booths to do a side by side test. I recorded the test using glass and on the iPhone 5s I used Voice Record pro for the audio recording.

So here are the recordings:

Certainly my initial impression is that the SmartLav+ has substantially less hiss but it also sounds like it has also lost some of the richness in the bass.

I’m no audio expert – so I will defer to the judgement of some of my esteemed colleagues from radio who may comment. You can hopefully decide for yourself.

Its worth noting that FilMicPro will have audio gain as a feature in the upcoming Version 4 release.

For more information on the SmartLav+ visit the dedicated Rode micro site:

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 17.59.00

RØDE Microphones – Introduce “SmartLav” lapel mic for iPhone / iPad

rode_smartlav_packshot__69011.1358971622.1280.1280RØDE Microphones – smartLav. Ive just picked this story up on Twitter, thanks to @callapro for the heads up. Following on from their recent announcement of the iXY Microphone for iOS, RODE have now taken another substantial step with the announcement of the SmartLav – a Lavalier mic which has the 4pole TRRS connector for use with the iPhone and iPad. MicW were first to the market with a lav mic for iOS devices –i825 i855 kit

I wrote about their i825 Omni Lavalier and i855 Cardioid Lavalier in a previous blog post.

What really interests me is that RODE are pitching their SmartLav well below the cost of the MicW equivalents. Rode_smartLav_TRRS_laveliermicrofoon_07_metiphoneThe i825 and i855 retail for around £175 and £205 respectively but according to a tweet from RODE they expect the SmartLav to retail for about $60 (€45) which makes it a very competitive price. If the build quality is anything like the rest of the RODE range then this will be a MUST HAVE accessory for Mobile Journalism. I havent found a UK / Ireland supplier yet but really cant wait to get my hands on one to try out. I still have the MicW i855 and will do an audio booth test with both and post to soundcloud once the SmartLav arrives.