Sony | Video Journalist Backpack – turnkey solution in one bag

Sony | Micro Site NXCAM & AVCHD. I saw a tweet about this yesterday and I have to say Im impressed with Sony taking the initiative to offer an all-in-one VJ BACKPACK SOLUTION. The kit is built around the HXR-NX30  which shoots AVCHD – this is an issue for older NLEs like Media Composer Pre Version6. That said with a list price of around €5,000 all in,  its damn competitive and aimed, I would imagine, at the growing demand for multimedia content on newspaper and radio websites. It remians to be seen will TV stations adopt the HXR-NX30 in place of the PMW-200 or the EX3…Unlikely in my opinion – but maybe Sony will anticipate this and offer a PRO version of the bag with one of these cameras instead??

The kit includes:

Sony  HXR-NX30 camera

Sony UWP-V1 wireless microphone system

Sony Xperia Tablet

Tripod, LED Light, Backpack and accessories.

There is also version also available with a Sony VAIO Laptop with Sony Creative Software’s Vegas™ Pro  pre-installed