#Mojocon. The case for boutique V behemoth conferences.


I’ve written previously about the evolution of RTÉ’s Mobile Journalism Conference: Mojocon. In April this year we will host the second RTÉ Mojocon and once again we are shining a spotlight on the activities of broadcasters, publishers, NGO’s, businesses and educators who have pushed the boundaries of  content creation using smartphones and other digital consumer technology.

This is my second time organizing a conference and though it was an induction by fire the first time around, I learnt a lot of extremely valuable lessons from Mojocon 1. Probably the first lesson was understanding the phases of the planning. The Pre-production phase involved eight re-writes of the business case over three months with each one having a substantial reduction in the proposed budget.

Once the final business case was approved the next phase began: Initial logistics. Venue, dates and draft session lineup. After multiple quotes have been received and a venue is secured, we then move to announcing the conference with a “save the date” campaign and so begins the process of finding major sponsors for the event.

It’s worth pointing out that RTÉ run Mojocon on a not-for-profit basis. From its very inception over two years ago the entire concept pivoted on the idea that at the core of Mojocon is the intention to bring together a growing global community of people who are interested and can see the potential in mobile content creation. I think the non-profit aspect is one of the key things that separates RTÉ Mojocon from many other journalism related events.

That said, the cost of hosting an international standard conference for 500 delegates; venue, catering, travel and accommodation for 40+ international speakers, pr and marketing etc. all add up very quickly so major sponsors are absolutely essential to making the event a success. Without them the ticket prices would well exceed €500 and in my opinion render the event unfeasible.

We were extremely fortunate to have Sennheiser, an international audio solutions manufacturer, come on board very early into the process. When Google News Lab subsequently joined the conference as sponsors things really started to take shape.

Now, with just eight weeks to go, we are in the exhibitor and delegate ticket sales phase and it is this part that always leaves me somewhat bewildered. Over the course of the last two months I have reached out to over 80 companies inviting them to participate in the event as exhibitors, or in an ideal world sponsor/exhibitors. The thing that really frustrates me is the repeated cycle I’m seeing in the negotiation process where, as soon as I mention the delegate numbers are 500 I get a “Oh, is that all” response.

I’ve started to tease this out with exhibitors, asking why they feel 500 is such a small number and time and time again I’m getting replies like “We can take part in other international media events where the delegate numbers are in excess of 15,000 people for a similar investment-so its not offering great R.O.I. for us”

This is where the case for Boutique V Behemoth really kicks in. I would love to do some market research on the BIG conferences referred to above. As part of that I would like to see for each exhibitor who takes part in those multi-thousand attendee events how many make connections of real value. I would measure connections of real value in three ways: 1. Immediate conversion to a sale. 2. Viable lead for a post conference sale 3. Important and strategic contact in the target market.

Last November I attended The Web Summit for the very first time. Follow the link if you don’t know anything about the Web Summit. It has been heralded as one of the great success stories in recent years for the digital economy in Ireland. That perhaps was the case until co-founder Paddy Cosgrove announced in October 2015 that the event was moving from Dublin to Lisbon from 2016 onwards. Without digressing into the debate about the reasons why I will simply say that I am sure Paddy and his team had good reasons.


From my perspective, Websummit was a behemoth, like Mobile World Congress Barcelona, or NAB Las Vegas or IBC Amsterdam. A huge, sprawling multi location complex of stands and talks with 30,000 delegates trying to find something useful to do with their 8 hours in the venue (a substantial amount of which is spent queueing to get from talk A to B). I’ve experienced this myself at MWC and IBC. You can meander around hall after hall looking for interesting technologies and solutions but instead of finding them you end up bumping into familiar faces again and again and asking them have they seen anything really interesting and worth checking out.

I attended MWC just once and found it utterly head wrecking. At WebSummit I had one day where I really worked hard to navigate the halls teeming with startup alpha and beta’s who, once they noticed your badge said “Media” would instantly pounce in you to “Come meet our CEO/CRO/CTO/COO etc”. I have to be honest, the idea that a startup with three staff has a CEO,CTO and COO does make me wonder! The consensus from Media people I met was that they were actively hiding their media accreditation to avoid the “vulture effect” it induced. Don’t get me wrong here, I fully appreciate WHY this was happening, but it felt like utter desperation.

I can see from a profit point of view how economies of scale play a part in making these events so big. But as organizer of Mojocon, I am not interested in profit, so I don’t have to pander to these scales of excess to cram as many topics and threads into our event, in order to draw as many people as possible. Rather than trying to bring twenty diverse topics together in one space to “grow” an event into a behemoth, I would much prefer to do twenty boutique events where the participants, speakers and exhibitors have a real opportunity to connect. A chance to share stories and actually chat and exchange ideas, not just exchange a cursory few words while you glimpse at a leaflet on the way to the next queue for another talk you will be excluded from because its over capacity.

I have heard people say that they think a conference is worthwhile if you take away three ideas from it. If that is all attendees take away from Mojocon then I and the organizing team have failed. I want delegates to not have their minds opened to the possibilities but blown open with inspiration and ideas. Anything less would be a disheartening and disappointing result to me.

Mojocon has a very finely tuned scope. That breaks down into three components…
1. The plenary sessions with 40+ speakers on panels and fireside chats to learn from the experience of others.
2. The exhibition with 30 companies with products, accessories, apps which enable the professional production of content using smartphones and other consumer digital technology.
3. The workshop day where, if you were inspired on day 1 and bought some gear in the exhibition, you will have the chance to learn from some of the best and most respected mobile journalism and media trainers in the world.

If you follow that process through to the end you can leave mojocon not with just three takeaways but with real skills and inspiration to start your journey as a mobile content creator. Who knows maybe next year you could be a speaker sharing your journey and experience with the #mojocon community*.

Side note: As a spin off from Mojocon we created a group on Facebook to help build the community and keep the conversations from the conference going. The group now has over 750 members. You are welcome to join at http://www.facebook.com/groups/mojocon.

Hope to see you in Dublin in April 29|30.

PS. As a reader of my blog I’m giving you an exclusive tip about a St. Patrick’s Day promotion we will be running. Check out the video for details.

HHH’s New iOS Filmmaking Book is available NOW! | Hand Held Hollywood @handheldhollywood @rosenblumtv

HHH’s New iOS Filmmaking Book is available NOW! | Hand Held Hollywood.

Ive been following Taz Goldstein’s HandHeldHollywood website for over two years – In fact I have to give him credit for introducing me to the OWLE BUBO when it was first released. It was his video review of the OWLE that convinced me to start looking at the potential application of mobile in news gathering. If you follow me on Twitter you’ll see that I have tweeted about this book already but for those who don’t, but are interested in the mobile journalism / mobile flim-making movement I cannot recommend this book enough.

Taz has produced what I can only describe as “The definitive mobile production field guide” My copy arrived on Christmas eve and I haven’t been able to put it down since. The list of Apps and Hardware accessories is incredibly comprehensive- If you buy one book on iOS film production this should be it:

Buy a print copy from AMAZON or the iBook version via the HandHeldHollywood website.

Note Taz has a special 35% discount code available on his site so get your copy while you can! You can follow Taz on Twitter: @TazGoldstein @HandHeldHollywood

PS. If you buy TWO books this year then the second I would recommend is Michael Rosenblum’s iPhone Millionaire.

iphone millionaire

Michael, founder of NYVS and Rosenblum TV has been traversing the globe for the last 20 years teaching journalists and producers how to shoot TV with cheap DVCameras. In the last few years his emphasis has moved to the iPhone and its almost limitless potential as a production tool. In the last few years he has run media training programmes with the Guardian and the Travel Channel but his latest venture is OutwildTV.com Michaels book is a very readable and convincing argument for why the iPhone is revolutionising video production and what you need to know to cash in on it. Its available from AMAZON  You can follow Michael on Twitter: @Rosenblumtv  @NYVSFilmSchool

Focusrite hit Apogee and Tascam with their new iTrack Solo for iOS

iTrack Solo | Focusrite

If you are an iPad user who wants a decent audio interface to record a Mic or  a Guitar you might have invested in the Tascam iU2 (which has just dissappeared from the Tascam website) or the Apogee One (which interestingly also has dropped its iPad compatibility listing and is now a Mac USB interface only ?!) Im going to have to dig a bit deeper here.

Anyway Focusrite have released TWO products that might have given any of the others more than a good run for their money.

The iTrack is an iPad interface and the Forte is a USB interface for MAC or PC….

(Release date for both is scheduled for October)

iTrack – overview from the Focusrite site:

iTrack Solo | Focusrite quality – for your iPad

iTrack Solo provides the best solution for recording your instruments and vocals using an iPad. Featuring a Focusrite microphone pre-amplifier and an input to record directly from electric and bass guitars, iTrack Solo is the perfect way to expand the audio capabilities of your iPad using Garageband or any other music-making app.

Although it is an Apple certified “Made for iPad” device, iTrack Solo is also fully compatible with your PC or Mac computer and comes with a host of free music making software including Ableton Live Lite and the Focusrite Scarlett Plug-in Suite.

Heres a link to preview on the Engadget site

Forte – a new breed of USB audio interface

Focusrite Forte is a professional 2 in, 4 out portable USB audio interface for Mac and Windows, designed to deliver analogue sources to your DAW at the highest possible quality. It features two remote-controlled mic preamps with the unrivalled sound quality you would expect from Focusrite. Forte partners these with superb digital conversion at up to 24-bit/192kHz resolution. Built into a solid aluminium case, Forte features a colour OLED display, touch controls and a single large control knob for intuitive operation, with DAW integration transforming it into a control interface.

GREAT NEWS: Split audio editing IS Possible with iMovie on iPad3 plus some interesting Camera compatibility tests

UPDATE*** The Video Workflow is now online – its been open access for 24hours but the password is now on- so email me if you want to view it.
The PDF document of the workflow is also up for grabs for anyone who gets in touch.

Ive had a little time over the past few days to do some tests with the New iPad and the latest version of iMovie.

First off I decided to see what cameras (of the few I have) might be compatible with the latest version of iMovie (which now supports 1080p)

So far Ive tested the GoPro HeroHD,  Nikon D7000 and the Kodak Zi8 – All three (shooting in 1080p mode) import fine into the Photos/Camera Roll and also import perfectly into iMovie for editing.

The second little gem Ive discovered is that you CAN do split audio editing -well sort of. Its a workaround and involves using a second App to extract the audio, but after hours of trying different methods Ive found one that works. Its a little fidgety and you will need 3G or WiFi access for it to work but it does and the beauty of this workflow is that you can move the split audio completely independent of the video in iMovie  but the lip synch is a bit of a challenge. Realistically how many split audio edit will a typical 1:45 news item have? Here the average is about three for that duration.

Avid – are you listening? This is a feature I mentioned would be an absolute must after the initial release of Avid Studio for iPad, (that and in App voiceover recording.)

Ill post a video on Vimeo later today to show you exactly how to do it, however – for the first time this tutorial will be password protected. If you want access to it you will have to email me: imobilejourno@gmail.com for access. Im not looking for anything from you other than your email details to add to a mailing list -I would like to build a network of contacts who are interested in MoJo – as things stand a lot of people (over 5000) last year viewed the blog but I have no way of knowing who they are, what they do or why they are interested in my research.

If you don’t want to be part of this mailing list but still want access to the workflow video then email me and tell me as much!

Alternatively you can drop me a message via TWITTER : @glenbmulcahy please use hashtag #iMojo

Vodpod videos no longer available.