Circom Mojo Training – the stories are online- Check them out! @circomregional

So I mentioned yesterday that I was eager to share the stories produced by the 12 delegates on our European Mojo Course in Santiago De Compostella. Ive embedded 5 of the stories on the blog – click here to go to the Circom YOUTUBE channel to view all the others also. I have to say I am quite blown away by some of these stories. You have to remember that many of the journalists involved were not working in their native tongue, they were in unfamiliar surroundings and using new equipment, that in some cases they had never tried before and in a few cases they had never shot or edited video content before. I have to give credit to the team of trainers, John Inge Johansen from NRK Norway, Darko Flajpan from HRT Croatia and Karol Cioma – training project manager for Circom Regional – we have worked together for several years now to deliver dynamic VJ and MoJo training and I think the effort of the students are proof of what can be achieved with only a few days training. As Karol said of the stories this year ” They make us look good” – not without the hard work and dedication of the participants who truly were exceptional.


Sony | Video Journalist Backpack – turnkey solution in one bag

Sony | Micro Site NXCAM & AVCHD. I saw a tweet about this yesterday and I have to say Im impressed with Sony taking the initiative to offer an all-in-one VJ BACKPACK SOLUTION. The kit is built around the HXR-NX30  which shoots AVCHD – this is an issue for older NLEs like Media Composer Pre Version6. That said with a list price of around €5,000 all in,  its damn competitive and aimed, I would imagine, at the growing demand for multimedia content on newspaper and radio websites. It remians to be seen will TV stations adopt the HXR-NX30 in place of the PMW-200 or the EX3…Unlikely in my opinion – but maybe Sony will anticipate this and offer a PRO version of the bag with one of these cameras instead??

The kit includes:

Sony  HXR-NX30 camera

Sony UWP-V1 wireless microphone system

Sony Xperia Tablet

Tripod, LED Light, Backpack and accessories.

There is also version also available with a Sony VAIO Laptop with Sony Creative Software’s Vegas™ Pro  pre-installed

UPDATE: Ive discovered a second way to perform Split audio editing on iPad for use in iMovie!

Old Irish saying – “it never rains but it pours” Only a week after I discovered a way to separate audio from Video on iPad and import into iMovie and a second method has turned up. The last one used email as the “bridge” This one allows you to use email (zip file), FTP, Google Docs, WiFi (shared network) and Dropbox. Ive tested all of the methods and settled on Dropbox as its so easy to use. As before if you want to view the video drop me an email [imobilejourno AT gmail DOT com]  or tweet me to get the password. Happy days 🙂

Ive lined up another iPhone shoot, this time (unlike Edible at the science gallery which was all shot on iPhone but edited on Media Composer v5.5 on MAC) I will be both shooting the entire video on iPhone and editing the entire movie using the workflow above / iMovie on iPad (and maybe Avid Studio). Result will be online next week. Hopefully this will illustrate that the iPhone is capable of so much more than just handheld random “breaking news” shots that are so often associated with mobile.

Vodpod videos no longer available.