Finally!: Mojocon Sessions are now online

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I’ve been beavering away quietly trying to edit together the sessions from Day one of Mojocon. I know its taken longer than anticipated – mainly because I have a day job to balance with it and since Mojocon there has been a steady stream of Mobile journalism training requests. Right now I’m in Dundalk Institute of technology teaching 14 European journalists the principles of mojo on a 5 Day Circom Mojo Masterclass.

Joining me as trainers are my colleague Phillip Bromwell from RTÉ, John Inge Johansen from NRK Norway, Darko Flajpan from HRT Croatia, Guillaume Kuster from France 3 and Karol Cioma Training project Manager for Circom. I’ll post about the course once it finishes later this week.

Please note I did not censor the sessions – expletives are as stated on stage!

Here are the sessions in order:

I know there are some camera mistakes, audio mistakes and absence of screen displays a couple of times (where cameramen decided to wander off the screen and shoot cut aways) but in spite of those shortcomings I think the sessions capture the essence of the day. Enjoy!

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Innovation Lead, RTÉ | VJ & MoJo (Mobile Journalism) Trainer -Circom Regional | Photographer | HDSLR shooter| Views are strictly personal, not those of my employer.

2 Responses to Finally!: Mojocon Sessions are now online

  1. Steve says:

    Thank you for posting all this wonderful content, it’s a terrific resource. Brilliant! One of the panelists in the second video mentioned a YouTube? video that presented how to put together a news sequence. Any ideas of where I might find that?

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