Mojocon returns. 29, 30 April 2016.

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In March 2015 RTE hosted the first Mojocon Mobile Journalism conference. Over two days 44 speakers from around the globe shared their stories, experiences and knowledge with over 350 delegates. Topics covered included mobile journalism, mobile photography, storytelling, social curation and verification, smartphone filmmaking, education and more. Over 28 exhibitors demoed the latest Apps and accessories to help turn your smartphone into a quality content production tool. The workshops were over-subscribed with some of the worlds leading mobile journalism, photography and radio trainers sharing their knowledge and tips including, BBC’ Marc Settle and Nick Garnett, EBU’s Mark Egan, RTÉ’s Philip Bromwell, Jack Hollingsworth, Dan Rubin and many more. Feedback from the delegates was incredibly positive. This was the reaction when asked if delegates would return again…

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 17.48.54

So RTÉ have decided to run Mojocon again and I’m leading the project once more. I’m faced with a challenge, several actually, the biggest being: how do I make Mojocon2 even bigger and better than the first?

Learn from your mistakes! To begin with I learned A LOT! I had never organized a conference before and quickly came to understand why there are usually lots of people involved in the planning and production. For Mojocon 1 the team that worked with me was Cliona O’Reilly and Roisin Cronin from RTÉ Technology and PR & Comms respectively and Sinead Cassidy a freelance event manager. In spite of all of our best effort Mojocon1 failed in one regard: it did not break even as we had hoped. The costs of flights and accommodation for44 speakers, the venue and catering, the staging and production and the unforeseen extras meant that we carried a modest loss on the event. A loss which I worked hard to recoup by delivering external training on behalf of RTÉ for the remainder of 2015.

For this years event I’ve decided on a few changes, many informed by delegate feedback…

  1. No panel will have more than 5 speakers with 4 preferred.
  2. Moderators will be assigned well in advance to ensure familiarity with panel
  3. Sessions will be 1hr15mins and retain the 10min presentation slots
  4. Coffee Breaks will be longer (30-45mins) to facilitate networking
  5. Exhibitors will have option to demo on both Friday and Saturday
  6. There will be NO HIDDEN EXTRAS at venue or networking event
  7. Sponsors are key to the success of the event
  8. We need to diversify into 360 video, drones and live streaming
  9. Ticket prices should be very competitive. Here’s a table to compare:


I have only announced 17 speakers so far, there are at least that again yet to announce but it is going to be a VERY interesting few days.


I also want to dispel the myth that this event is just for journalists. Mojocon 1 attracted media, NGO’s Businesses, PR Agencies, Marketing firms and the education sector. I’m working on special case studies which are directly relevant to these sectors as well as the broad range of media content we are putting together. Here’s just some of the companies already registered to attend.


If you want to meet a substantial amount of the global mojo practitioners and influencers then you need to be in Dublin for Mojocon.



Still unsure? Check out this Thinglink of some of the articles written by attendees and speakers from Mojocon 1.

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